As a psychologist, I am committed to attend, in the most immediate and compassionate manner possible, to psychological pain and suffering.

My approach to therapy is informed by Jung’s crucial discovery that one’s unlived life is often at the root of psychological suffering and spiritual unhappiness… expressed continually in the symbolic and real products of our psyche to which we pay little attention such as dreams, fantasies, spiritual longings, and even symptoms. — dr. stephen a. martin
In my experience as a Jungian analyst, most discover their affinity for Jung and his thought by way of individual inner experience… I welcome inquiries and conversations from like-minded souls who have had that experience and want to know more about Jung and how his perspective can enrich their inner and outer lives. — dr. stephen a. martin

“C.G. Jung’s Red Book: Its Message Five Years Later” by Dr. Stephen A. Martin discusses the continued significance of the Red Book in the five years since its publication.

“The Holy Grail of the Unconscious” by Sara Corbett profiles Dr. Stephen Martin and his role in the publication of the Red Book by C. G. Jung in the Sunday Magazine of the New York Times, September 20, 2009.

“The Making of the Red Book, a video introduction to the high-tech scanning of the Red Book by C. G. Jung in preparation for its publication.

“Creativity and Inspiration: An Interview with Stephen Martin.” In this interview conducted by Gilda Frantz, co-editor of Psychological Perspectives, Dr. Stephen Martin recounts in detail how he co-founded the Philemon Foundation that played a key role in the publication of C. G. Jung's Red Book.

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